Since my childhood, I am always interested in how things are done more than using them. I am also passionate about art and computer science, so I ended up studying as a 3D artist and animator at l’IDEM in France.

My final year student movie, released on Youtube in 2014, has received more than 100 million views for now.

After my studies, I worked as a freelance 3D artist, and during my free time I spent hours learning programming by myself (python, java and javascript first, then C and C++).

In 2015 I challenged myself by attempting to enter in 42-Born2Code school in Paris, France. During one month, and six hundred other candidates have been tested on the re-implementation of several modules from libc and other interesting projects.

I have successfully been accepted at the school, but at the same time, I have received the confirmation for my WHP work permit for Canada. So I decided to try my luck in North America directly.

Since then, I work for the same company in Montreal, QC, Simthetiq. This was the first time I have been employed as a developer. For four years now I keep upgrading my role within this company.